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Why Weihua Crane

Founded in 1988, Weihua Crane Group is a leading crane manufacturer in China. Weihua Crane has been committed to heavy machinery researching and marketing.Weihua crane mainly manufacture overhead cranes ,electric hoists,gantry cranes and port cranes-Weihua Crane. The whole coverage of Weihua Crane Group is 3,420,000 m2 with 6,800 employees.

(Weihua craSpan 70 meters double beam (the world's nuclear industry has the largest indoor span)

Weihua Crane adheres to scientific and technological innovation and owns a 600-people R&D team, 494 patents, CNAS laboratory, etc. For the cranes, Weihua have made many breakthroughs which include anti-sway system, CNC high precision positioning system, self-climbing crane for wind power maintenance and so on.

(Weihua crane Lifting weight 40t lifting height 400m gantry crane)

In recent years, Weihua crane have been employed to serve China's Aerospace Engineering projects such as launching of Shenzhou spacecraft, Long March carrier rockets and Tiangong space laboratory. You can also find Weihua products in the fields of manufacturing, metallurgy, nuclear power, railway,port, petrochemical and wind power.

Weihua Crane products also find its places in the global markets and won much praise from108 countries like America, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, etc.


28 years’ development, 6800 employees with average 8-years working experience. It provides you with experience support and reduces the investment risk.


Weihua CRANE covers an area of 3, 420, 000m2 with a 60,000m2 workshop to support the production capacity and fast delivery for you.


Weihua crane have Total 10 crane series with 300 kinds of products including annul output of 30,000 hoists and 6000 overhead & gantry cranes. You will easily find the

 right product.


600 people R&D team, 494 patents, national level technical test center, CNAS laboratory and 2000 production & test equipment carrying out precise and

 traceable production as well as the best quality for you.


With 15 subsidiaries, Weihua Crane is located in China crane production base with complete product supply chain, to provide you with favorable prices and 

convenient procurement.


Our products are exported to 108 countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Mexico, Iran, etc. And you can find our products in South Korea's Samsung

 Heavy Industries, the British Sheffield Steel Corporation, Port Authority of Thailand, Singapore Country Garden and other international well-known 

companies. That means you will get case references and one to one solution from us.


The company and products obtain the certificates such as ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS18001, CE, EAC, CUTR, SGS, BV, etc. which clears the barriers

 for products entering your market.


With sales of $ 1.5 billion in 2015, Weihua crane signed port cranes project with Port Authority of Thailand with value of 350 million RMB and delivered 

project with Hatch Project Consulting Co., Ltd. Weihua Crane has helped successful launching of China's space Shenzhou spacecraft, Long March carrier

 rockets and Tiangong space laboratory. Weihua is company for your large-scale projects.


There are agents and offices in India, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand and Russia. We are at your location for the quick response to your consolation

 and service requirement.


Different language speaking staff member of English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Thai are at any time for your service to achieve 

seamless communication, eliminate misunderstanding and improve communication efficiency.


About 20 international expos every year such as Vietnam Machinery Exhibition, Germany Hannover Machinery and Electronics Exhibition, China Egypt / South

 Africa Trade Fair, Iran Ship Machinery Exhibition, Russia CTT exhibition. You have the chance to enjoy the face to face service.


Products are of world standard such as FEM, DIN and CMAA. Production process adopts hot blasting pretreatment, sand blasting and epoxy zinc-rich treatment.

 Electrical systems and accessories use world-renowned brands such as: SEW, SIMENS, Schneider. It ensures the products you purchased reach the 

world-leading quality.


Weihua crane made many high-tech achievements such as electrical anti-sway technology, Self-climbing crane for wind power maintenance, intelligent garbage 

disposal cranes, automatic pipe distribution overhead crane. Our products are widely used in manufacturing, metallurgy, nuclear power, marine, aerospace 

and other high-tech industries to meet your needs for different industries, especially for the high-tech industry.


We have our own installation company, 252 after-sales service points and 55 overseas service agents. The after-sales team will reach for you in time.


There is a port crane production base in Lianyungang which is a seaport realizing full set machine loading, fast shipping. The transportation and time 

costs will be reduced by 0.5%-4%.

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