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Weihua crane  have a professional international sales team, each of them have been strict product training, and know our products well. can give you good suggestion about the machine. In last year, Weihua’s annual sales revenue was 8.26 billion and sales volumesof overhead crane and gantry crane kept the first place in past 9 years and ranked third place in the world. Our machine have been exported to 89 countries, such as USA, Britain, Japan, Russia, Korea, and so on…

The research team with more than 600 person and YangShuzi of CAS academician as the leader is the biggest research team at the hoist industry in China. Among the led development new products and procedures, there are 428 item have been applied for the national patents and the number of the patents for invention is 78; the new achievements in technology passed the national and provincial appraisal is 22, including one item which reached the international leading level, one in international advanced level , 12 in the leading domestic level, 5 with advanced home standard; the team is also responsibly for 3 items of the national 863 program projects( the key technology research on the new intellectualized large grab dredger , the research of welding robot for large engineering machinery structural parts, the key technology research and model applied on production  line,    the  research  for  lightweight  of  large-scale  mine  hoisting  equipment’s  gear assembly and technology of reducing noise)The technique we have researched, such as “crane anti-sway control system”, “three-dimensional configuration of the crane control system simulation”,“multi-layer winding rope climbing rope anti-anti-roll device turned rope”,has been patented.With international advanced technology as the goal, we actively introduce and adopt advanced technology and standards, improving the ability of independent innovation and research.

One of our workshop is the largest within the whole world crane industry, with a buildup area of 60,000 square meters. Weihua crane are also equipped with full set of steel plate pretreatment production line, slide plate cold roll forming production line, U-type groove cold rolling forming unit, Germany Messer CNC Cutting Machine, NC Plasma cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC heavy duty horizontal lathe, CNC processing center, Germany Niles CNC Gear Grinding Machine, Japan MAZAK Processing Center, Double-spout gatry submerged-arc automatic welding machine, welding robot and other large-scale advanced equipment. All our raw materials and components are purchased from globe market. 

Weihua crane have strong truck transport team, specializing in transport of lifting equipment. According to the characteristics of lifting equipment you ordered, equipped with appropriate trucks and drivers, delivery to shipping port or secure place into the container, and then by sea or land to your place. 

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