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Gantry crane(5t-900t)U type, A type

Gantry crane(5t-900t)U type, A type

Gantry crane(5t-900t)U type, A type

     Weihua crane ,General gantry crane (hereinafter referred to as crane) is a crane designed and manufactured in accordance with national and industrial standards such as GB/T3811 crane design code and GB/T14406 general gantry crane.A crane used for working indoors or outdoors, and its retrievals are hooks, grabs or electromagnetic suckers (lifting electromagnets), or two or three of them are used at the same time.According to the structure of crane main beam, the crane can be divided into single girder portal crane and double beam portal crane.The single-girder door machine is divided into L type and C type according to the shape of the supporting leg.The double girder gantry crane is divided into A type and U type according to the shape of the gantry frame.The form of door frame structure has double cantilever, single cantilever and no cantilever three kinds.When there is only one leg, it is called a half - door gantry crane.The form of small car has single car, double car two kinds, two small cars can work separately also can linkage.The trussed door crane is mainly used in outdoor space where the wind load is larger due to the smaller wind area than box structure.
      The crane makes longitudinal movement on the wagon track, and the trolley makes lateral movement and lifting operation of the hook on the crane portal frame, so as to realize the movement and turnover of materials.The car is equipped with one or two sets of independent lifting mechanism.
      The working level of crane is A2 ~ A6 when the pick-up device is a hook, and the working level of crane is A4 ~ A7 when the pick-up device is a grab bucket or an electromagnetic chuck.


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