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Weihua crane, part of the equipment

1)Weihua crane, the world's largest 60,000 crane joint processing plant

2)Weihua crane, 800t crane test bed

3)Weihua crane, 800t crane test bed 2

4)Weihua crane, 100t electric hoist test bed

5)Weihua crane, shot blasting and rust removal

6)Weihua crane, Germany messel CNC flame cutting machine

7)Weihua crane, steel plate pretreatment

8)weihua crane, trolley frame in the whole boring processing

9)Weihua crane, welding robot

10)Weihua crane, welding robot 2

11)Weihua crane crane manufacturing site

12)Weihua crane 60,000 square meters crane production workshop interior

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