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Company Culture

Our Aim:


Our Vision:

We will be friends forever after dealing once.

Let our Crane be widely used in the world each corner.

Let the world benefit from our convenient and reliable lifting machine and services.

Our Values On Quality:

Delivers customer value in all projects, services and process.

Give quality at least as much consideration as schedules and budgets when day-to-day choices need to be made.

Drives QMC results to the bottom line in terms of defect reduction and financial benefits;

Allocates resources to achieve quality execution.

Provide customer turnkey project service.

Contact us

Add: West Weihua Road, Changyuan, Henan Province, China
Tel : 0086-373-8820016
Fax: 0086-373-8887665
Mobile: 0086-13393879308
Email: info@hnwhcranes.com